He would be just another photographer, if not for the gift he possesses, but knows nothing about. Suddenly he finds an envelope in his apartment, with no return address. It contains a stack of banknotes, a photograph and a short note: 'these two have to be erased'. What can this be? A crazy joke, mistaken identity, or the fateful confluence of circumstances? Why would anyone think he is a killer? The envelopes keep arriving, and the orders become more and more insistent… Someone or something is manipulating every step the man takes, ineluctably driving him on toward murder. In search of a key to the mystery, the man finally uncovers his horrific secret: this is not a case of mistaken identity! The man truly does possess a terrifying, hereditary gift – the gift of killing with impunity, leaving no clues! In an attempt to save his own life, the man begins to fight back against his mysterious Boss.