The action takes place on the Earth in the distant future. After global heating our planet has become deserted and has been declared a reservation. Two friends, Al and Max, go fishing without knowing how lucky they are: they catch a suitcase with a Heap of Money. But their joy doesn't last long: two unscrupulous and cruel cutthroats – Body 1 and Body 2 – burst into Al's and Max's lives with the aim of bringing back the lost money to their boss, blood-thirsty general Joe. But that's not very easy, because part of the money has already been spent. Now the lives of the four entirely depend upon the sum of money collected on time, which is simply impossible to find within such a short period of time. In order to "restore" the Heap of Money, the characters have to unite their efforts. But general Joe is not their only danger. An Alien, who arrived from another planet, shows intense interest in the four unlucky guys. Even Intergalactic Interpol is not able to stop him. And all of them are to undergo another test… the last one.