The end of the XVI century, Moscow. Prince Dmitry, the heir to the throne, is killed in Uglich at the hands of assassins connected to the Tsar's entourage. There are few suspects.

Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich is unable to conduct an investigation. The only eye witness to the crime — centurion Bogdan Otrepyev, suddenly dies. But the testimony becomes an important instrument in Tsar Fedor Romanov's hands. He wants to find the truth and restore justice.

Throughout the course of the investigation Tsar Fedor Romanov makes discoveries that turn his former friends into enemies; and every new truth becomes a sacrifice. Fyodor's uncompromising stance dooms him and his family to a truly biblical ordeal. But it is the revival of the spirit that is brought about by the trying times that helps his son, Mikhail Romanov, to become the new Tsar. He is untainted by the palace intrigues and conspiracies and gets to start building a strong, revitalized Russia. That started the new era – The Era Of Prosperity…