Department of Experimental Projects (DEP)
Since the founding of the » Corporation Russian Film Group» Ltd., the company established the Department of pilot projects (DEP) in order to search for and promotion of talented actors, directors, producers, CG and specialists of other filmmaking areas, as well as experimentation and implementation of new technologies.

The main objective was to find new forms of experiments not only in cinema, but also in the theater and music. Many of novice actors, directors, script writers due the experts of DEP received a chance to try their hand at the art, and it should be noted that often the results were impressive.

The aim of DEP is not only looking for new talented names and technologies for the development of the domestic film production industry, but also the realization of the social task of creating unexpected, urgent, most social, controversial and widely discussed projects. Many of big production companies because of commercial reasons simply can't afford production of such kind of movies, they are not profitable. However, social responsibility, the need to develop new forms and innovative approach — has always been a priority in the work of the «Corporation Russian Film Group». That is why on a par with large-scale corporation grossing film RFG produces low-budget, but relevant and recent projects that can inspire, grow new names, give the opportunity to all talented people to realize their ideas. But in the scale of the Russian film industry this is an opportunity to get ambitious and creative professionals that can be able to create high-quality and spectacular movies.

Besides RFG has become the pioneer among the Russian companies in the international film distribution market. Having gained necessary experience of direct sales of own films at foreign markets in time RFG began to act successfully as the sales agent for domestic movies abroad, having made its name known both in film production and in international distribution.

Now all efforts of RFG are focused on the project "Viy" based on Nikolay Gogol's classic story. The film is expected to become one of the most significant and outstanding cultural events. The list of the project partners is impressive enough (KARO Holding, TV Channel INTER, Internet Holding Mail.Ru and others); however the RFG management states that it plans to involve maximum partners into an unprecedented project based on the Russian classics.